Maddy’s ability to listen and her knowledge of food and recipes together with her generosity in sharing tips, links, hints and tools, made shifting from eating ‘normal food’ to a whole food plant based diet, easy. I am motivated by wanting to significantly lower my cholesterol. For me this means not eating animal fats (ham, cheese, duck etc) and cheeses. Up until now, staple proteins for me. Within two days I had a restocked pantry, a few easy recipes for each meal and I am eating delicious nourishing easy-to-prepare food. Maddy listens carefully and has helped me approach these new food groups without thinking of ‘replacing’ the old ones, more eating the flavors and textures I love with different ingredients.     – Diana Jones, Wellington

“Maddy has been assisting and supporting me with a three day hands-on Raw Chef Level 1 Training. This past Easter she has been instrumental in running the Prana Crew and Festival kitchen. I can’t praise Maddy enough as a skilled chef who performs gracefully under pressure. Her creativity is outstanding. Multitasking and self-directed problem solving comes natural to her. She fully comprehends what makes a great dish, from well balanced flavours to presentation. Enjoying myself more in the kitchen I was glad to see how Maddy easily connected with our customers while serving the meals.
I would trust Maddy with any catering or teaching engagement. She brings a great awareness and and understanding of wholesome food to any kitchen as well as a well balanced and calm presence. Her great sense of humour, friendly nature and marvelous people skills are a Joy to have around!
With great joy I do endorse Maddy as a chef and teacher in the field of holistic nutrition and foods.”

– Rene Archner, Culinary Educator and Chef


Dear Maddy
I am writing to thank you for the guidance you gave me recently.

We only had two sessions together but they have already proved really helpful. One at my house (you finding out about my current eating preferences/habits and then looking through my cupboards and fridge) and the other at the Supermarket/Bin Inn where you educated me where due on lots of the foods that I was buying and helped me stock up my cupboards for the recipes (courtesy of Nourishfull) I was about to make.

I liked that you tailored everything around me, my lifestyle and what I wanted. You were very respectful and asked questions with care and diplomacy. Talking to others about how they currently eat and prepare food, what they feel about food is a personal thing, you are entering into personal boundaries. I found your manner to be friendly and helpful, more of a friend helping than a consultant selling. It is easy to see that food and nourishing eating is in your blood. Setting up your business Nourishfull will only be a great service to those who want pointers in a healthier/sugar free direction.

Before we worked together I had felt as if there was a block of some sort stopping me from relaxing and enjoying cooking and food preparation, I sometimes felt a pressure or resistance to cooking. Well, since you came along, I feel more relaxed about trying new things out – I have already made I have made hummus; home-made baked beans; refried beans; hotpot; muesli, raw energy fruit/nut/seed balls.

I think your rates are fair and reasonable, given what you offer (education; recipes; coaching; knowledge) and the follow up service as required. it was an affordable exercise that I am happy to recommend.

Working with you allowed me to realise that I am already a good cook and know a lot of good basics, I think you have just helped me harness that with more of a confidence. It is great to know that you are just an email away with your follow up help.

I would recommend you to anyone out there who wants to learn more about enjoying their time in the kitchen. You are bringing a good local service to busy people who know they want to change somethings, but just don’t quite know how and need a little guidance to help them step over the mark. I’m over the mark thank you Maddy!

You can put people in contact with me if they want to speak to a happy client.

Tiffany V, Nelson


” I appreciated all the care that you took in choosing recipes that will be very user friendly, economical and are definitely things that I will make and pass on to my daughter as healthy things that are easy to prepare and don’t have to cost a lot as they use things we already have in our pantry’s’. I like that you use tinned beans and tomatoes as they are easy, readily available practical and real.”  – Zoe B. Nelson

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