What is a wholefood plant based diet?

Wholefood eating is all about nourishing delicious foods that have not been overly processed or refined. So much of the food we consumed today is stripped of its nutritional value and packed full of harmful additives. By eating foods as near to their natural state as possible we allow our body to extract as much benefit as possible.

When we eat this way we feel good from the inside out and learn to intuitively trust what our body is telling us.

Isn’t eating that way restrictive?

That’s where I can help, once you start eating this way you discover the complete wealth of options available. The food tastes great and is great for you. I will guide you and provide fantastic, easy and quick recipes to make the most of fresh and seasonal ingredients. This doesn’t mean cutting out the food you love but adding more of the foods that will nourish your health.

Does it taste good?

Of course!!!! I test and retest every recipe, I wouldn’t give it to you unless I thought it was worthy. Cooking in this way actually brings more fantastic tastes and smells as you become more creative with what you cook. You will find over time your taste will change and you will begin to crave eating this way.

Every meal is a delight!

Do I have to be or become a vegan or vegetarian?

I strongly believe that each individual intuitively knows what food works best for them. Although I follow a mostly vegan diet I do not think that every one else should as well. I like to follow the ‘each to their own motto’. I work with your food loves and dislikes and will teach you ways to recreate your favourites in a much healthier way.

What’s more important is increasing the amount of healthy whole foods in your diet awhile working to reduce the amount of disease promoting foods you consume.

I love my meat/ cheese / eggs, how can I live without it?

You don’t have to, once you learn to stay listening to what your body needs you will intuitively know what you need to feed it. If you want to keep specific foods in your diet and feel good eating them then it is entirely your choice. My recipes can all be adapted to add foods you enjoy. My recommendation is to have as much of a whole food plant based diet as possible for optimal health.

Is this sustainable?

Yes! So often I hear stories of people starting some great new diet trend but it only lasting a few weeks if that.

The great thing about a whole food plant based diet is that it becomes a passion and its such a joy, instead of being restrictive it opens up a world of new foods.

The ongoing support and check ins you receive  in the form of weekly recipes and emails will also help to keep you on track and inspire you.

Will I lose weight?

Every body is different and we all have an ideal weight range. Most people adopting this diet will lose weight as their body works towards its optimal state. By including fun exercise into the plan we can also find ways to improve fitness while strengthening and toning your body.

What is your back ground?

I am a whole foods chef

I have studied Plant Based Nutrition at Cornell University

I am a Wellness Food Writer

I am a certified raw foods chef

I have spend my life devote to learning all I can about the benefits and evidence supporting a whole food plant based diet (since I was diagnosed with cancer)

Have your own question?- Contact me below

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Ph +64 (0)273055539

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