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“So what are you anyway?” Easy guide to Veganism and More


“Errr so what’s vegan, that’s like only eating fruit harvested by the full moon right??”

Lets face it, the myriad of different diet choices these days can be totally overwhelming. If you have ever tried to explain your dietary choices to someone else and been met with the blank looks or the “we evolved to eat meat” and “How do you live without cheese” argument, or had your second cousin twice removed call the evening of your dinner party to remind you that she doesn’t eat anything with a face – Here is your cheat sheet to a few of the ins and outs



No animal products, nil, zippo, zilch. This includes, meat, fish, cheese, milk, yogurt, butter and in some cases honey. For ethical vegans they may also not wear leather or anything made from animals.


No meat or fish- in a nutshell no animal flesh although you do get some pescatarians who will eat fish. Dairy products and eggs however are fine.

Raw Foodist

The name gives it away; people who eat this way believe that heating food above a certain temperate destroys its nutrients. Everything is raw, dehydrated, or ever so slightly warmed. Foods can include raw fish, meat and dairy products in some cases.

“But what do you eat?” Well…. everything else, beans, nuts, veges, fruit, grains, pulses, seeds the list goes on. The more you branch out and try some of these things the more you will find. Most animal products these days have a vegan alternative; cream cheese, yogurt and even jerky!!

“So what do I cook you/them?” Understandably this can be a daunting thing for any non vegan, luckily most recipes can be easily veganised, Google has a wealth of information just type in ‘vegan recipes’ or even better try something delicious from my blog!

The golden question of what a vegan eats often crops up. While I in no way want to push my preferences on others, if people are genuinely interested I am happy to share my food philosophies. In my work I encourage others to incorporate more natural plant based foods, this does not mean going hard out vegan, just making healthier choices.

Got a curly question you want answered…

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